Clean Kitchen, Clean Mind

There’s something so therapeutic about clearing out the old and making way for the new. Whether it’s your entire living space or just one portion of it, taking time to evaluate what’s working for you and what isn’t is invaluable.



The kitchen is the heart of the home, and if the kitchen feels clean, tidy, and put together, then your mind will feel that much more put together as well. As February begins to unfold, we encourage you to take a look inward—that is, into your fridge, pantry, and drawers/cabinets. Spring cleaning season is almost upon us, and why not get a jumpstart? So, here are a few tips to get you going.


1. Choose either your fridge, pantry, or drawers/cabinets to start. Take everything out, and put it on your counters. Much like Marie Kondo says, taking everything out at once is a great way to visualize just how much you had in there in the first place—and it also helps you decide what you really want or need going back.

2. Once everything is out, clean thoroughly. We recommend using cleaning products with the least toxic ingredients you can find. It’s important to not only keep your kitchen clean, but to clean it with products that are less harmful to your body and your environment.

3. If you’re starting with the fridge, consider what kinds of ingredients you want to be cooking with from here on out. For example, if you’re hoping to eat more fruits and vegetables, then designate a considerable amount of space in your fridge for those. If you’re hoping to eat less of a certain item, then designate a smaller space for that. Throw out anything that’s gone bad, but to be as sustainable as possible, we recommend you refrain from throwing things away unless they’ve actually expired (in other words, don’t throw something away just because you don’t want to eat it). There are so many ways to get creative with ingredients you already have, like throwing them in a soup or making a new dish. And these same ideas apply to the pantry and drawers/cabinets as well. Evaluate what you want to use, and prioritize your space based on that—keeping in mind that any unwanted pantry goods or dishes are great to donate to a local food pantry or donation center.

4. Once you’ve selected the items you’d like to keep in your fridge, pantry, and drawers/cabinets, place them back mindfully and with care. Place the food labels facing forward in your fridge and pantry. Create neat and tidy rows of dishes. The more organized and beautiful the insides of your kitchen, the more you'll love being in there and the more pride you'll take in it.


So, friends, we hope these tips encourage you to give attention to the inner workings of your kitchen. There is much to do in life, but if your kitchen feels organized, then you’ll probably find yourself letting out a daily sigh of relief—and quite possibly getting more done because of it. Plus, once you’ve spent that kind of time getting it organized, you’re likely going to make sure it stays that way from here on out. Happy cleaning!

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