Happy International Women's Day


International Women’s Day. A time to celebrate and uplift the women around us. To recognize the beauty and individuality inherent in every one of us. A day to look inward and appreciate the inner strengths we each personally possess. And ultimately, a day to come together, to support one another, and to collaborate rather than compete.




Founded and run by women, our Liv3 team is so grateful for every individual that has poured into this company. We’re eternally thankful for the many women who have continued to support our sweet store, even amidst the many hardships over the last several months. We’re beyond honored that you’ve chosen to stick with us, and here we are, a year after the start of a global pandemic—we’ve evolved, we’ve grown, and we’ve thrived, all thanks to your support.



This brings us to our most recent customer appreciation shoot. As a company, we love to give back to the women who've stood by our side. We’re grateful for the Instagram tags and brags (just made that one up, and we’re going with it!), and we cannot thank you enough. In November, we did a shoot with some of these women as a token of our appreciation. What was most rewarding was seeing new friendships be made, witnessing women come into their own, and even creating continued working relationships.




So, we thought, why not bring the gals together again? And at the end of February, we did just that. 

We gathered at the Desert Gardens in Balboa Park, where the sun was streaming in and creating the perfect editorial bliss. Our eyes feasted on the beauty of the spring color palette, mixed with the neutral desert terrain. From a few feet apart, we created some art. We laughed (and at certain points, we were doubling over with the case of uncontrollable giggles). We called out the gold we saw in each other. We cultivated community with this group of women who’ve now become friends. And we made lasting memories that we will cherish forever.



So, in honor of International Women’s Day, we share these images and encourage you to also find a way to uplift and celebrate the women around you. There’s unending gold to be seen in people, and we hope you take the chance to look for it. But this doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can simply mean calling up your mom, sister, boss, or friend and telling them how much they mean to you. Or, it could look like complimenting a random stranger at the grocery store. Whatever it is, practice the art of uplifting others, and soon, you’ll find that it may become a natural way of being. And who doesn’t want that?

Happy International Women’s Day, Liv3 Loves. Enjoy some of our favorite images from the shoot!










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