Introducing Our Crystal Collection: Q&A With Emily Gibb


Tell me a little about the crystal collection we have at Liv3.

Emily: Our crystal collection at Liv3 is magical! We have a great selection of starter crystal sets and some really fun pieces to add to or start a collection. Angel Aura quartz is a big theme in our collection with options of multiple forms. Angel Aura crystals specifically promote joy, and they create a protective energy around the holder to help provide inner peace and serenity. They are not only beautiful, but if you enjoy crystal energies, this one will be a powerful tool in balancing unstable emotions.


Other crystals in our collection include Calcite, rose quartz, citrine, selenite, and amethyst.


Which one is your personal favorite?

Emily: My personal favorite are the angel aura points. I use points and towers in my crystal meditations to help funnel energy in and out of the body. The idea is you use the points to direct the type of energy you want going in and the type of energy you want going out.

For example, if I want clear positive energy going in, I hold a clear quartz or Angel Aura quartz in my left hand with the point towards me. I want to dispel negative energy, so I hold an obsidian point in my right hand and point it away from me. This is a very basic example, but you get the idea!




What inspired you to dive into the world of crystals?

Emily: My best friend got me into crystals when she started helping me in my growth and self-love journey. Sometimes it feels so daunting to take that on alone without any tools, and crystals helped me feel more comfortable. Whether you buy into the energy healing stuff or not, there’s no harm in carrying a little crystal buddy in your pocket. It’s also so fun to discover new gems and crystals, what their properties are, and how they can potentially influence you!




Do you have specific care regimens that you recommend?

Emily: You can read up on all the ways to care for your crystals, but I’m never hard on myself about it. It is great to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly, especially if you work with them often. If I’m not using them a lot, I just let them sit pretty on my altar as a magical display and give them a quick smoke cleanse if I’m ready to use them. If I remember to, I set them all out in my backyard on the night of a full moon to bask in the moonlight and charge. 

Cleanse with sun, moon, water (but be careful, some crystals will disintegrate in water), smoke/fire, or selenite. It’s always best to do your research before working with crystals.



Which kind of crystals do you keep in your pocket, and why?

Emily: I have a decent sized collection of pocket rocks and when I feel the need, I intuitively pick which rocks to bring with me. If I woke up feeling insecure or sad, usually I’d take a rose quartz and a smoky quartz to boost self love and dispel the energies that come with negative self talk. If I have a big project or meeting, I’ll gravitate toward my blue kyanite or labradorite to boost creativity and confidence. Often, it’s not specific and I’ll grab 3-5 crystals that I’m gravitating toward that morning without questioning it.



What’s a random fact that you love about crystals?

Emily: The thing I love most about crystals is that they come from the earth. Some of these crystals are just mind blowing to me in how they were created. I could live in a crystal showroom, just gawking at them all day 😂




Anything else you’d like to leave with our readers?

Emily: 95% of my crystal knowledge is from Google. I spend a lot of time googling crystals and their properties after I’ve purchased one or if I’m looking to add a crystal to my collection. I don’t rely on crystal sellers to teach me about them because, often times, they are misinformed or just want a sale. It’s usually pretty obvious in how they speak about crystals in whether you can trust what they say or not. So be careful and be curious!

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