Liv3ing Beautifully and What That Means to Us

Liv3ing beautifully. It’s a common concept, but what does it really mean to live a lovely life? We believe it’s so much more than surrounding yourself with beautiful things. We're about holistic living. We advocate for, not only encircling yourself with tangible beauty, but creating space in your life to appreciate that beauty. To shop in a way that cultivates a more meaningful life. To learn what it is that truly fills your cup and then to shape a life that’s centered around those things.


So, we’d love to share a few tips on ways to do just that!

1. Create space for moments that allow you to recharge and rest. Isn’t it crazy how you could fill your weekend with all sorts of fun activities, only to walk into Monday feeling even more exhausted than you were on Friday? “Fun” plus “full” isn’t always the magic recipe for being “filled up.” Often, a full schedule leaves you feeling more drained than anything—whereas, intentional space actually leaves you feeling full on the inside, where it counts. So, we encourage you to create space. Establish little pockets of time in your weekends, as well as your day-to-day grind, in order to rejuvenate your energy.



2. Shop and source goods from small businesses that align with your values. Create relationships with the owners and ask about their stories. Show personal interest. If you’re about fair trade, research businesses that prioritize the well being of every worker involved. If sustainability is important to you, find businesses that are mindful about what their goods are made from, where those goods are being produced, how they’re being produced, etc. There are so many different things to consider, so we encourage you to always fine tune your values and ensure that the way you shop aligns with them.



3. Say yes only to the things that fill you up. Just like it’s important to create space and margin in your life, it’s also important to make sure the things you are doing are bringing you joy and meaning. Of course, there are still certain responsibilities we all have to take care of, regardless of whether we like them or not. But, there’s so much we do have control over, and we encourage you to create the life you want to live. Evaluate the way you spend your time from day to day, on the weekends, etc. If you’re not doing things you love and things that are meaningful to you, consider re-prioritizing. Consider cutting out what doesn’t fill you up. This means learning to say no, which can be daunting. But begin with saying no to just one thing at a time, and slowly, over time, you’ll get better at prioritizing only what’s most important.


So, Liv3 Loves, we hope you’re inspired to live more beautiful lives than ever. To not only surround yourself with beautiful things, but to cultivate beauty in every aspect of your life. To live holistically and prioritize what truly matters and makes you happy. Here’s to liv3ing beautifully!

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