Looking To 2021 With Hope

Well, we’ve made it through another year, but even more than that, we’ve made it through 2020. With the beginning of 2021 acting as a beacon of hope for many of us, we look forward to a clean slate, new goals, and fresh beginnings.


One of the things we love to do as a new year rolls around is to choose a “word of the year.” Think of a word you hope to meditate on, that you hope to be the theme for your year. It could be “hope,” “growth,” “optimism,” “kindness,” “resilience,” “strength,” or what have you. We typically manifest what we visualize, so spend some time considering what word or idea you’d like to focus on in 2021.



Another thing we encourage you to do is reflect on 2020. This year was not the year any of us expected it to be. Last January, as we rang in the new year, people across the world were dreaming up what this new decade would bring, and hope abounded everywhere—only for things to quickly and dramatically change. But regardless, 2020 has strengthened us and yielded a resilience we quite likely never knew we had in us. We encourage you to reflect on the ways you’ve grown, changed, and developed strength this year through it all.


And finally, we encourage you to not give up on making New Year’s Resolutions. After a sharp change of course in 2020, some of us may be a bit hesitant to look toward 2021 with specific goals in mind. But we encourage you to create just a few small goals that are tangible and achievable. The feeling of accomplishment you get from checking something off the list is unreal, and if you make your goals manageable, then it’s more than likely you’ll get that reward.

2021 marks the start of life beyond 2020. This last year will forever be written down as a history-making year. How we chose to respond (and continue to respond) to this year will impact our 2021. But here’s the thing. It’s not just about the new year. It’s about choices and perspectives each and every day. Each day, we’re given a new start. Each day, circumstances outside of our control interrupt our plan. And each day, we can choose how to respond. We encourage you to go into this year with the mentality of a fresh start. But even if it doesn’t start off as smooth sailing as you hoped—or, even if you face some hiccups along the way, we encourage you to respond to each new day as if it were a new year. With hope and a sense of good things coming.

Happy new year from the Liv3 Team. Here’s to 2021!

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