New Year, New Wardrobe

Happy new year, Liv3 Loves!! As January quickly comes to a close, we’re hopping on here to share some tips to refresh your wardrobe with grace, poise…and practicality!


All too often, the collective “we” open our wardrobes and think, “I don’t have anything to wear!” Sound familiar? Even if we have a closet full of beautiful clothes we love, it can be easy to feel this way. Why is this? More than likely, it’s because our wardrobe doesn’t match our lifestyle.


There are a variety of pieces of clothing we may need on hand at any given point. A few of these include outfits for work, daytime outings, working out, semi fancy events, at home activities, and black-tie events.


Depending on what types of clothing catch your eye, you may own way more of one variety than another. For instance, is anybody else’s wardrobe half filled with little black dresses which are lovingly adored from afar but rarely used? Or maybe you’re more on the practical side and have way too many options for work, but not enough clothing that brings comfort for the everyday.




We invite you to assess your wardrobe. Take everything out of your closet and organize it into different piles. Use the above categories to guide you (or whichever ones apply to you). Next, evaluate how often you need the clothing in each of these different categories. Your answer will vary depending on who you are, what your lifestyle is, and what you do for a living. Your assessment will be different than your best friend’s, your neighbor’s, & your sister's. So, it’s important that you refrain from comparing your wardrobe to someone else’s. You are unique, so remember to embrace what makes you “you!”


Once you have an idea of how much clothing you’ll need for each category, choose your favorites from the piles which have excess—and notice which categories need a bit of help. Keep only your beloved favorites and re-sell the extras, gift them to friends, or donate them. Now you have space for fresh pieces. Out with the old, in with the new.




As Marie Kondo would advise us, make sure to express gratitude for your clothing before getting rid of it. It served a purpose for a time, and now it’s time for it to be well loved in a new home.




So. Now that you’ve got the extra space, let’s zoom out a bit. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for new clothing is to look for items within a few umbrella categories—categories that overarch the “work, daytime outings, working out, semi fancy events, at home activities, and black-tie events.” These overarching categories are as follows: basic pieces, key pieces, and statement pieces.


Let’s start with basics and build from there. When shopping, keep in mind that you’ll need a good amount of basics or staples which you can pair with just about anything. They’re the go-to, neutral backdrop for everything else.





Key pieces are the items you wear quite a bit and love, love, love. These are items you can mix and match with others. They’re a step above basics when it comes to the statement they’re making.



Lastly, this leads us to statement pieces. These are the stand-outs. The ones that catch everyone’s attention. The bold pieces that garner lots of compliments. Having a few of these help to spice up your wardrobe just enough.




So, there you have it. Look for basics, key pieces, and statement pieces—appropriately dispersed across the categories of work, daytime outings, working out, semi fancy events, at home activities, and black-tie events. When you view your shopping through this lens, you’ll be much less overwhelmed and more likely to make informed decisions that lead you to love your options each and every day. Happy shopping, Liv3 Loves!

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