Our Re-brand

Let’s flourish.  

Fall is fully in swing, and we’re reminded that the changing of seasons is the perfect time to branch out—to let go of the old and create something new. As we’ve all experienced in highly individual ways, 2020 has been quite the year, and it goes without saying that with difficult times come both transition and growing pains. Change is never easy, yet out of those pains, we can also experience new levels of growth and resilience.

In the spring, we faced the need to react with urgency to a global pandemic. In-store shopping was not possible, and we had to think fast, so we chose to launch our e-commerce site for the very first time. Thanks to the amazing support we received from you all, we can gratefully report that it was a huge success. Out of necessity, something beautiful was born, and we just want to say wow, thank you! 

So now, we’re taking what started as a reaction, and we’re striving to continue it with intention. 

With that, we’re introducing our re-brand. We’ve taken time over the last few months to consider the new direction we want to take Liv3 and the way we want our website to look and function. One of the aspects we’re most excited about is refreshed visuals, and another is our revived blog. Our hope is that this space will become a bit of a safe haven for you to discover newfound inspiration, imagery to excite your eye, and a spark of joy as we share all things from our favorite books and music, to our favorite new arrivals.

But, there’s more that we hope to achieve. Who is ever exactly where they want to be, anyway? Our future hope is that, as we continue to navigate this pandemic, we’re able to once again cultivate the sense of community that is so important to us. At the beginning of the year, we loved prioritizing this through putting on monthly yoga gatherings and more, and we miss those dearly. We would love to get back to doing something of this sort in a creative and safe way, and while we’re not there yet, it’s something we’re striving toward in the near future.

We’re big believers in growing together with you, and we’re excited about this new step for Liv3. We’re also looking forward to continued learning and flourishing amidst the rest of this year and into a new season. Who’s with us?

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