the times

How do we navigate through the most impossible of situations, situations that we all couldn't have ever imagined. In situations that bring fear, we need to learn how to channel negative emotions into positive ones, like hope
This time is teaching us something. It is teaching us to reevaluate how we choose to spend our time. 
Here's what I'm doing...
The anxiousness of keeping 2 small businesses afloat is weighing heavily on me, but as each day goes by I'm learning how to adapt to my new normal and learning how to navigate that with my husband and kids at home. One thing that has helped me is creating a daily schedule. Nothing fancy by any means, just a post-it note that I stick on my office door each morning so that my kids knew exactly when mommy will be working, when lunch & dinner was going to be made, and when family time was going to be. That little post-it note has become my little lifesaver. It's helped me ease my own anxiety as to how the day will go, helped me allocate focused time for my family and our businesses so that I can be fully present for both.