Three Ways to Make This Christmas Special

With holiday tunes playing in the stores, lights decking our houses, and Christmas just days away, it’s nice to have something sweet to look forward to. But the holiday season is inevitably different this year. You likely haven’t been rushing to the store for last minute appetizer ingredients, running around from one party to the next, or going to Christmas shows and concerts. It’s been a quieter season of sorts. In many ways, this scaled back holiday season has allowed us to be more present, prioritize those closest to us, and live in a simplified manner.



We hope you’ll have the opportunity to spend Christmas with those closest to you, and if so, we’d love to share some ways you can make this week special.

1. Find some time to cook or bake together with your loved ones. With fewer events to go to, it gives us more time and energy to focus on those who mean the most to us. One great way to do that is to bake some sweet treats from scratch—just like you may have done growing up. From peppermint bark to sugar cookies, pies, and gingerbread men (and women!), there are so many yummy treats to choose from, and how much more satisfying to make them from scratch while creating new memories? One of our current favorite baking books is Pie for Everyone, by Petra Paredez, and we have it in store—so if this is calling your name, call ahead and we’ll let you know if it’s still available.



And if you’re not so much into sweet treats, try cooking a savory meal together. One of our go-to cookbooks is Three Times a Day: Simple and Stylish, by Marilou and Alexandre Champagne, and it has beautiful imagery within its pages as well. 



2. Create a new tradition. Maybe that means making hot cocoa and taking a nature walk or hike on Christmas morning. Perhaps it means creating homemade crafts on Christmas Eve. Or, it could mean gifting one another handwritten letters if this year’s budget didn’t allow for store bought gifts.



3. Create a family playlist of your favorite holiday songs. As you gather together with loved ones, reminisce over nostalgic Christmas songs—songs that spark memories from years past. Maybe there’s a song that takes you back to your childhood. Or, play a recently released Christmas tune to help start new traditions. Compile both old and new, and make sure each person in your family gets to contribute a song. This playlist will likely become your own family's favorite that everyone can add to for years to come. 



We hope these ideas inspire you to get creative this season. It’s not been an easy year, and we hope the next few days serve as a time for you to decompress and unwind with loved ones. Let the end of this unprecedented year of hardship and loss allow for time to cope with all the heaviness—and we hope it will also allow for time to hope and dream for a much better 2021. Sending lots of warm wishes to you all. Merry Christmas!

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