s t o r y

get to know our story + where it all started

the earliest memory is of the 3 of us getting up before the sun did, helping our parents load our family van to sell souvenir tees at the local swap meet. We learned how to fold the perfect t-shirt and learned how to set up a pretty aesthetically pleasing t-shirt booth. these memories shaped us, it instilled a kind of work ethic and grit that has carried with us as small businesses owners today.

5 years ago, our parents allowed us to launch a new version of the old brand. we wanted to make our parents proud but most importantly, wanted to create a brand that represented who we were as women. we brainstormed what we wanted to carry, what we wanted to represent, and what type of company we wanted to run...& after months of planning & executing, Liv3 (pronounced liv) was born. 

Liv3 represents liv3-ing beautifully & joyfully. each item we bring is handpicked with the intention & hope that the item you choose to purchase will help bring a little more joy into your life.